3 Samples of Accept Offer Messages to Upwork Clients (2023)

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So you’ve done the hard part.

You bid on a job. You received a reply. The interview went well.

Now, the potential client has sent over a job offer. And hopefully, you’re ready to accept.

As a freelancer with over $600,000 in total earnings on the Upwork platform (the world’s largest online freelance marketplace) who often offers advice about the platform on this blog, I’ve realized in recent weeks that accepting an offer is a topic I’m frequently asked about yet rarely address.

Far too often I, and other freelancers, dismiss this offer acceptance message as nothing more than a redundant formality, rather than an opportunity.

After all, the courtship period is over. It’s the ‘happily ever after’ moment of the Upwork hiring process. And all you really need to say is – “I do!”

But is there a better strategy?

Today, it is my mission to inspire you to think out of the box when it comes to the offer acceptance message and uncover little-known opportunities that lie within.

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Sample Upwork accept offer messages

Before we dive in, I want to remind you that it’s less important what you say while accepting an official offer from an Upwork client, and more important that you actually remember to accept it!

It is a breach of the Upwork Terms of Service to begin work before an offer has been formally accepted and a contract is in place.

The offer normally comes in a format similar to the one below and will appear in your email inbox as well as the Upwork messenger chat.

The client must initiate the offer from their Upwork account.

my "received" reply to the client
A screenshot from the Upwork messenger after receiving an offer

It usually features the original job post along with the message “[XYZ Company] sent an offer”.

Below the message, you will see the words “View Details”. Click on that message to be directed to a screen where you will be given a chance to review the entire contract, type your own custom message, and accept (or decline).

Now, let’s get to the samples.

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1. Additional contract terms and details

In my offer acceptance messages, I sometimes like to include additional contract details that might not have been addressed in the original job post.

Every Upworker knows that client-provided job descriptions are often lacking in specifics.

Ideally, you, as the freelancer, have uncovered those additional details about the job in the interview process, such as, start date, deadlines, client preferences and other requirements. In a nutshell – items that may not have been directly referenced in the original job description.

In providing a written record or summary of those items in my acceptance letter, I accomplish two important tasks:

  1. I provide a clear recap and roadmap of project requirements for my client’s clarity.
  2. I make those additional details a matter of formal record.

After all, correspondence that takes place on the Upwork messenger, may become the only formal record on file should a contract dispute arise.

Sample 1

This project will include three milestones priced at $100 each.

As discussed, three rounds of revisions will be included – additional revisions will require addional milestones. All source material including copy and artwork will be provided by the client by April 15. Work is slated to begin April 16.

2. An itemized summary of deliverables

Similar to the last suggestion, it can also be helpful to provide a simple summary of deliverables for quick and easy reference.

Oftentimes, pre-contract communications can be lengthy and disorganized. And trying to track down specific details about a component of the project while scrolling through hundreds of messages isn’t how you should be spending the bulk of your time.

This strategy is also a clever go-to when working hourly, or when working on one large fixed-rate project where deliverables haven’t already been broken down into specific milestones.

When this is the case, you may want your acceptance letter to look something like this:

Sample 2

This project will include 10 deliverables:

  1. A 8×11″ promotional flyer (client will provide artwork)
  2. A vector logo in multiple formats (svg, eps, ai)
  3. Three 1200x600px web banners (vacation themed)
  4. Five 1500x1500px Canva social media templates (also vacation themed)

Work is slated to begin April 16 with a May 3 deadine on all materials.

3. A simple ‘thank you

Finally, you can also do what I often do – respond with a simple “thank you” or “offer received”.

Again, it’s important not to overthink the offer acceptance message. If you don’t feel the need to provide additional commentary – don’t.

Just accept the offer, get to work, and deliver the kind of undeniable value for your client that will keep that client coming back for years to come.

Sample 3

Offer received. Thank you!

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