35 Best Gifts for Graphic Designers, From a Graphic Designer

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As a graphic designer, I often find that my friends and family like to give gifts that are related to what I do for a living. Sometimes, these gifts are exactly what I needed. But other times, they can be a little cliché or extraneous.

So, I’m here as a fellow graphic designer to offer some tips and ideas so you can pick out the best gift for the graphic designer in your life.

So whether you’re picking out the perfect birthday gift or Christmas gift or a congrats-on-the-new-job gift, let’s get started:

pen and pencil holder that rotates

1. Pen and pencil holder

When you’re a designer, your desk can feel like a second home. And even though designers are on their computers all the time, typing and clicking away, I think it’s common for most of us to keep some Post-Its, notecards, markers, pens and pencils handy nearby.

For that reason, I love a spinning organizer like this one. It’s simple and clean and very practical. Plus, it’s likely to look great on just about any desk. It’s only $11.95 on Amazon.

pink notebook with dividers

2. Sketch notebooks

On that same line of thought, whether it’s design ideas, notes from meetings, general reminders, etc., it’s always nice to have something handy to write on when you’re in work mode.

Personal preferences may vary here. However, I like to have high-quality sketchbooks and notebooks that have dividers and are college-ruled for general notetaking. This hardcover notebook retails for about $17 on Amazon.

black notebook with file names on cover for graphic designers

3. Graphic designer planner

If you want something a bit more on the nose, this graphic designer work planner has a humorous cover that pokes fun at our common and less-than-ideal naming conventions.

This notebook includes calendars, lists, deadlines, reminders and notes, and it’s a pretty safe gift for most designers. It retails for about $8 on Amazon.

laptop stand

4. Laptop stand

Most of my designer friends own laptops for times when they’re on the go. And honestly, having a nice stand for such occasions, or when you’re at home, can help with unnecessary neck strain.

I personally like the stands that are detachable and portable for the reasons mentioned above. Now, I’ve gotten to the point where I can barely travel without one.

That being said, you may want to make sure the person you’re shopping for doesn’t already own one. You can get them for a very affordable $19.99 on Amazon.

pantone mug in green - gifts for graphic designers

5. Pantone mug

Coffee mugs are generally a safe bet for just about anyone in your life. And designers will likely appreciate a Pantone mug like this one.

If you’re unfamiliar, a Pantone color is essentially a standardized way to identify specific colors. Does the graphic designer in your life have a favorite? Of course, it’s available in a variety of colors.

logitech black travel mouse

6. Travel mouse

The chances are good that most designers will already have a mouse that they know, love and use on a daily basis.

However, do they have a handy dandy mouse for when they are traveling? My husband bought me a travel mouse when I first started freelancing, and I’ve had it for several years now. It was something I didn’t know I needed until I had it, and now, I can’t live without it.

It’s one of the best gifts he’s given me. And the good news is, they do not have to be expensive. You can get this Logitech brand that supports Bluetooth and USB for about $34.

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white keyboard vacuum - gifts for graphic designers

7. Keyboard vacuum

Here is another practical gift that just keeps on giving. Plus, it’s a bit safer in the “they may not already have this” category.

Designers use their keyboards a lot. And odds are, they will collect quite a bit of dirt, dust, hair and other yucky stuff that makes the life of the keyboard suffer, along with our allergies.

Enter the keyboard vacuum. This little guy is one of my favorites. It’s about $16 on Amazon and it’s very sleek and powerful.

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pink logitech keyboard

8. A new keyboard

Alright, this one may be risky and should be reserved only if you know the graphic designer in your life well. But, that being said, maybe their keyboard has seen better days and is in need of more than just a new vacuum.

You could opt to get them a whole new keyboard. You will want to consider what type of computer they have. Are they an Apple fan? Or does brand matter?

As I said, proceed with caution on this one. But generally, I personally enjoy a slim keyboard that has quiet keys. This Logitech is a good option, and it comes in three colors.

light colored blue light glasses with case

9. Blue light glasses

This is an absolute must for me. I use my blue light glasses every single day. I also have multiple pairs lying around the house because I inevitably misplace them. In other words, multiple pairs and backups are never a bad idea here.

If you’re unfamiliar, blue light glasses are marketed to reduce eye strain. Now, I’ve heard eye doctors and other professionals say that there is no science to support that they effectively reduce eye strain. But anecdotally, I can tell a major difference.

In fact, they may have spoiled me so much that I can’t even work without them anymore.

You can get a sleek-looking pair for under $20 on Amazon.

back and butt seat cushion in black

10. Seat cushion

Have I mentioned that we designers sit in our chairs a lot? Spending long hours in a desk chair is not exactly great for our butts or our backs.

A memory foam chair set with a back cushion could be just what your designer needs to make their day more comfortable. This set is available for under $30 on Amazon.

light blue over the ear headphones

11. Noise-cancelling headphones

Most graphic designers I know often spend their day listening to a good podcast or some music.

Noise-canceling headphones are a great gift because they can help with focus by drowning out the noise around them and assisting with a good workflow.

This set from Amazon retails for less than $40 and comes in a variety of colors.

lap desk in colorful pattern

12. Lap desk

I love having a lap desk. For me, I actually don’t use it for work that much.

But there are times when I want to hang out on the couch and do some online shopping or miscellaneous tasks. Since I spend so long at my desk, I want to do “extracurriculars” elsewhere.

This is when the lap desk comes in handy. This one retails for about $35 on Amazon and comes in a variety of fun colors and patterns.

phone stand in silver

13. Phone stand

This gift idea is as practical as it is affordable.

Honestly, this option could work for just about anyone in your life. But for a designer, it can be nice to have a phone stand on your desk so you can easily keep an eye on messages and phone calls as you work.

This sleek model is compatible with iPhone and Samsung phones and retails for less than $10.

set of fuzzy socks in variety of colors without pattern

14. Cozy socks

Again, this is a safe option for just about anyone. Who doesn’t love fuzzy socks?

And in the era of work-from-home life, I love working in a pair of fuzzy socks during the day. Since designers aren’t known for moving around as much as we should, maybe our circulation isn’t ideal.

I’m not saying these socks will fix all our problems, but they certainly don’t hurt. This set of plush socks is currently about $17 on Amazon.

large black gaming mousepad

15. An oversized mousepad

I took a chapter from my husband’s book and bought myself a gaming mousepad. Do I use it for games? Nope. I use it for work.

It is so satisfying working with an oversized mousepad. I couldn’t go back to a boring, old circular pad anymore. This oversized gaming mousepad retails for only about $12. Of course, it comes in additional patterns and colors as well.

purple desk fan

16. A desk fan

Maybe the designer in your life runs a little hot. In this case, a desk fan may be a good option.

There are a lot of great, quiet and portable options online that run on USB, which makes them perfect for a desk. I’m a fan of this option, which is only about $10 and comes in a variety of colors.

circular white and teal charging station

17. Charging station

Designers tend to have a lot of gadgets, accessories and electronics that need to keep a charge.

And especially when traveling, it can sometimes be a challenge to find enough outlets and USB ports. A little charging station is the perfect solution.

I like this one from Tech Candy, which has both USB and regular outlet plugs and a six-foot extension cord. It currently is $32 on Amazon.

ring light over laptop

18. Ring light

As much as I try to avoid Zoom meetings, I inevitably get roped into one on occasion. A ring light is a handy device to have since a little lighting goes a long way in looking more professional.

I personally like the ones that come with a base, such as this one which retails for about $34 on Amazon.

laptop bag in vegan leather in coffee color with bow

19. ECOSUSI laptop bag

I love ECOSUSI laptop bags. They are sleek and professional and come in a variety of styles and colors made with magnetic buckles, pockets and adjustable straps.

Whether you want a backpack, tote or shoulder bag, there are a lot of options with ECOSUSI.

8-sided timeular time tracker

20. Timeular time tracker

I love this idea but with a disclaimer. This was another gift that my husband purchased for me years ago, and now, I use Timeular’s time tracker every single day.

Timeular is a time-tracking device that comes with an app and gives you precise reports of how you spend your day.

The downside? I find the device itself less practical than the app. While the device has only eight sides, I have about 30 different categories that I track in the app.

That being said, it’s overall a great product, and I use at least the app every single day.

There are similar off-brand devices available on Amazon as well, but I cannot personally vouch for them.

fidget devices in blue and black

21. Fidget device

A fidget toy for adults can be a satisfying gadget for everyday stress release during meetings, calls or brainstorming sessions.

I like fidget devices that look like this because they blend in on your desk and do not look too out of place. Plus, it’s only about $10.

coloful fidget pen that can be put into shapes

22. Fidget pen

Here’s another clever fidget device that functions as a practical pen as well.

Now the designer in your life can create fun, custom shapes when they’re on their dreaded Zoom calls.

They could, I suppose, take some notes with it as well. It’s currently about $16 on Amazon.

coaster set with holder

23. Coaster set

Graphic artists need to stay hydrated. By the end of my work day, I’m hauling about five different cups to the kitchen sink.

Typically, I have one cup for coffee, a cup for water, a cup for my afternoon tea and maybe a cup from my morning yogurt and fruit. Maybe I have a problem.

But a lot of cups mean a lot of needed protection for your desk. It’s not a bad idea to invest in a cute, compact coaster set like this one, which won’t look out of place in the office. It’s only $12.99 on Amazon.

glasses with bamboo lids and straws

24. Drinking glasses

Speaking of having a lot of glasses around, this drinking glass set with bamboo lids and straws is an adorable way to stay hydrated during the day.

Again, this is the perfect gift that is safe for just about anyone on your Christmas list. It’s currently discounted for less than $20 on Amazon.

black tote bag with lorem ipsum text

25. Lorem Ipsum tote bag

If you’ve ever seen the words “lorem ipsum” unintentionally printed somewhere, that likely means someone messed up.

Lorem ipsum is known as filler text in the world of graphic design. It’s become a bit of an inside joke among designers, but I think most people are becoming familiar with what it is nowadays.

Still, this Lorem Ipsum tote bag is both cute and practical. It retails for only about $20 on Amazon.

pantone postcards

26. Pantone postcards

I’ve found that it is always nice to have a set of postcards around the house. The graphic designer in your life is sure to appreciate this simplistic, adorable Pantone notecard set.

It retails for only about $20 on Amazon for a pack of 100.

acrylic dry erase board

27. Acrylic clear dry-erase board

As I mentioned earlier, it’s really nice to have a quick way to take notes that are laying around your office or desk.

I love this acrylic memo tablet. It’s clear and reusable and looks very sleek. It’s only $40 on Amazon.

black wacom tablet

28. Graphics tablet

This is another option where you may want to proceed with caution. Not all graphic designers will use a graphics tablet like this one.

However, some will. And for those designers, a drawing tablet is a very useful tool for sketching, logo design, creativity and sketchwork.

This Wacom drawing tablet is currently discounted for only $60 at the time of this writing.

stylus pen with case

29. Stylus pen

A stylus pen can be a good tool for many designers as well, usually the kind who also use the type of tablet mentioned above.

A good stylus pen does not need to be expensive. If you want to skip the Apple pencil, this one on Amazon is only about $14 and is compatible with iPads.

two finger glove

30. Two-finger glove for drawing tablet

If you know your designer uses a stylus and tablet already, you could consider getting them this two-finger artist glove.

It’s made to help reduce the friction between the designer’s hand and the tablet. It’s only about $7 on Amazon.

tile tracker in black

31. Tile or Apple AirTag

A Tile or Apple tag is a small tracking device that can be attached to electronics, devices, bags, keys or just about anything you don’t want to lose. Except for pets.

Tile and Apple tags essentially do the same thing, and it’s mostly a matter of brand preference. I own two Apple tags, but the Tile brand is marketed to be compatible with iOS as well.

A Tile retails for about $25 on Amazon while an Apple AirTag retails for about $30.

two usb c converters

32. USB-C Converter

Speaking of gadgets in the Mac world, a USB-C adapter can be a very practical gift if the designer you’re shopping for has an Apple laptop.

The recent models of Macbooks do not come with an actual USB port, leaving us Mac designers to purchase stock in converters. They are very affordable, though, usually retailing for about less than $15.

keychain with cords and chargers

33. Portable keychain chargers

I love a good portable keychain charger.

This set comes in fun colors and is a 3-in-1 tool perfect for on-the-go work life. It retails for about $10 on Amazon.

white cable box organizers with bamboo lid

34. Cable box organizer

Graphic designers, for the most part, appreciate things that are visually pleasing. Do you know what’s not visually pleasing? Having a bunch of tangled cords hanging out under your desk all day.

I love these cable box organizers. They easily and simply hide cords and tension cables, and they’re large enough to do the job very effectively. A set of two is about $30 on Amazon.

black wood wick candle

35. Candle

Let’s end this list with one of the safest options, shall we? A candle is a welcome addition to just about any desk.

I’m a personal fan of wood-wick candles as they appeal to multiple senses and provide a nice little bit of white noise.

This safe fireside scent with a wood wick is currently $18.99 on Amazon.

What about subscriptions and T-shirts?

In good conscience, I’m not sure I can confidently recommend subscriptions for your graphic designer friend.

Graphic design software can be a risky gift for seasoned designers, as they likely already have subscriptions to software such as Photoshop, Illustrator and other Adobe products.

Plus, most people I know already have more T-shirts than they need in their lifetime. But again, you (hopefully) know your friend better than I do. Maybe a Lorem Ipsum T-shirt is what they’ve always been wanting.

Are there any gift ideas that I missed? What are your favorite items from the list? Let me know in the comments below.

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