Gifts for female entrepreneurs. Pictured: A collapsible cup, a briefcase and a Bandolier phone case

Gifts for female entrepreneurs: 16 gift ideas for boss-ladies

As a boss-lady who often shares a social circle with other female small business owners, I’m constantly on the lookout for cute gift ideas and gadgets.  And this year, I wanted to share some of my personal favorite finds in this little “Gifts for Female Entrepreneurs” roundup. The following gift ideas are perfect for holidays, … Read More

Gifts for Freelancers

Gifts for freelancers: 27 gift ideas the entrepreneur in your life will love

As a full-time freelancer, I’m often disappointed with the internet’s gift suggestions for self-employed individuals.  Sometimes, I wonder if the authors of these articles have ever freelanced a day in their lives. After all, what freelancer needs yet another candle this holiday season? We can do better than that internet. That’s why, this year, I … Read More

Home Office Setup Checklist

Home office setup checklist: Must-haves for work from home professionals

I left my corporate career behind in 2017 before it was the popular thing to do. Back then, my friends and family thought I was crazy.  “I could never work for myself,” they said. “And I could certainly never work from home!” Yet, by the end of 2020, over 36% of the American workforce had … Read More

Best Freelancer Tools and Resources

Best tools for freelancers 2022: 14 essential resources for your business

The only thing I like more than freelancing is knowing how to get in on the ground floor with trending SEO terms before the playing field becomes too crowded.  With that tip in mind, welcome to my “Best Tools for Freelancers Guide, 2022”. For first-time readers, allow me to introduce myself.  I’m Morgan Overholt and … Read More