Comparing Upwork Pros and Cons: A woman weighs both

Pros and Cons of Upwork: An analysis from a $600k freelancer [2022]

As someone who has earned over $600,000 on the Upwork freelance platform, I’m often asked about the pros and cons of Upwork. Read Also: Can you make good money on Upwork? How I made $600,000 in 4 years Upwork, for the uninitiated, is the world’s largest freelance marketplace.  On the site, freelancers can browse jobs … Read More

How to increase your hourly rate on Upwork

How to increase your rate on Upwork: Step by step instructions [2022]

There are currently a couple of different ways to increase your hourly rate as a freelancer on Upwork.  First, I will walk you through the official method recommended by Upwork. After that, I’ll share a slightly more unconventional method (that I personally use) and the rationale behind it. But before we begin, there are a … Read More

A student passes another student a cheat sheet to a test

Upwork Readiness Test answers: Ace the quiz with this cheat sheet [2022]

So you’ve just signed up for a new Upwork account and are ready to take your Upwork Readiness Test.  But who wants to bother actually reading through Upwork’s Terms of Service when you can just google the correct answers instead? Look, I’m not here to judge.  But I will make ya work for it, just … Read More

How to succeed on Upwork as a Nigerian: Advice from a 6-figure freelancer

How to succeed on Upwork as a Nigerian: Advice from a 6-figure freelancer

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest-contributed article by Top-Rated Plus Upwork freelancer Emmanuel I. With a population of about 211.4 million people, Nigeria is the most populated Black nation on the planet.  However, living conditions in most parts of the country can be less than ideal, with rising unemployment levels and a dwindling middle … Read More