25 Practical Gifts for YouTubers, From a Content Creator

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Do you know a YouTuber who has an upcoming birthday or celebration? Whether you are shopping for a special occasion or simply getting a head start on the holiday season, it’s natural to want to get them a gift that supports their channel.

But what if you don’t know where to start? Well, friends, I’m here to offer a bit of advice.

What is the best gift for a YouTuber?

Like most things in life, it depends.

I’ll offer a list below, but let’s start with a couple of disclaimers.

First of all, the ideal gift option likely depends on the YouTuber. For example, are they just starting out? Or do they already have a well-established channel?

If they are well-established, they very likely already have basic equipment like high-quality microphones, cameras and tripods. Plus, video creators may be particular about their devices of choice.

I have a couple of small channels, one of which is monetized. And I wouldn’t need much in terms of equipment. So, those items may not be the best gift idea for an established YouTuber.

However, you can still give them a gift that will fit their passion and career choice, no matter the size of their channel or status. With that in mind, here’s a list of gift ideas for YouTubers:

usb microphone

1. USB microphone

Again, this one should only be considered for new YouTubers. But if your friend is just getting started, audio quality is important in the YouTube space.

There are a lot of great mics on the market that are surprisingly affordable.

This Blue Yeti USB microphone is a great option to get started. It works with PC or Mac and is a best seller for streaming, podcasting and more. At this time, it’s available for only $99 on Amazon. As an added bonus, it also comes in a variety of colors and has a sleek, professional look.

lens kit for phone

2. Lens kit for smartphone

This is another option for beginners. Most new YouTubers probably start small by recording content on their smartphones. So, this is a great low-cost gift that can really make a positive impact on phone video quality.

This kit on Amazon has a wide-angle lens, fisheye lens and a macro lens for iPhone or Samsung phones. The kit has a stellar 4.9-star rating and retails for only $19.

ring light for phone

3. Selfie ring light

Here’s another one for those getting started. We’ve covered audio and video quality, so now, let’s talk lighting.

Lighting is another big factor that can really add to the high-quality look of a video. This selfie ring light option is a great choice. It easily clips on a phone, so it’s ideal for those who are focusing on YouTube Shorts or Reels on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

It’s another affordable option since it retails for only about $11 on Amazon.

recording in progress sign

4. Recording in Progress sign

Now let’s move on to something that can accommodate just about any content creator.

I love this “recording in progress” sign because it’s both cute and functional. Notably, many creators work from home. This sign is a great way to let your family, friends or roommates know not to interrupt when making a video.

This perfect and practical gift is less than $10 on Amazon.

neon live on air sign

5. Live on Air sign

Here’s an option that is along the same lines as the previous gift idea, but this neon neon wall decor is a step above.

It can really make a recording studio feel more professional, it’s used as a background element in the videos or just a decoration. This fun sign is only about $35 on Amazon.

youtube pillow

6. YouTuber Pillow

This social media logo pillow can be another fun backdrop item for YouTubers. It comes in a variety of sizes on Amazon, but you can get the 12-inch by 16-inch pillow for less than $10.

Of course, it could also be used as a back pillow for all those long nights sitting at a desk editing videos.

big deal on youtube mug

7. Coffee mug

Speaking of long nights at the desk, you can never go wrong with a good coffee mug. Most people don’t often think about the fact that most of a YouTuber’s time is likely spent on editing. YouTube videos take a surprising amount of work.

This cute coffee mug is a great gift idea that can offer some inspiration as well as a needed boost of caffeine. It retails for about $17 on Amazon.

phone stand in silver

8. Smartphone stand

I pretty much recommend this gift idea for almost anyone who’s at their desk a lot.

While a content creator is editing videos, it can be nice to have a phone stand nearby to easily keep an eye on messages and phone calls.

This sleek model is compatible with iPhone and Samsung phones and retails for less than $10.

back and butt seat cushion in black

9. Support pillow

Are you starting to see a theme emerge? That theme is that content creators sit around a lot, spending countless hours at their desks. That’s less than ideal on bottoms and backs.

This memory foam chair and back cushion set is available for under $30 on Amazon.

laptop stand

10. Laptop stand

A laptop stand can be a great tool for working on the go. Most notably, it can help with neck strain. I am personally a fan of stands that are detachable and portable.

You can get them for a very affordable $19.99 on Amazon.

11. Personalized sign or subscriber count

A platform like Etsy has some amazing signage for YouTubers.

For example, you can get them a custom YouTube-style nameplate or an acrylic plaque that celebrates a new milestone.

These thoughtful, personalized gifts are some of my favorite gift ideas.

two hard drives in white and black

12. Portable power bank

A portable charger is a must for content creators on the go. It can take a lot of planning to route outings and gather content for an upcoming video.

The last thing they need is a poor battery life. These power banks work for all USB devices. This two-pack is less than $25 on Amazon at the time of this writing.

green screen

13. A green screen

This is another gray area. Again, if your content creator friend has been a creator for a long time, they very likely already have a green screen.

On the other hand, if you’re shopping for more of a beginner, a green screen like this one might be a good next step to level up their videos.

This 7×10-foot screen is less than $20 on Amazon.

red lightweight backpack

14. Lightweight backpack

A lightweight backpack that is durable and comes with lots of compartments can be a great, practical gift.

Plus, it’s a safe option for most people. I mean, can you ever really have too many backpacks? This ultralight portable day pack can be used for camera equipment on the go. It’s available on Amazon for about $17.

gimble with phone

15. DJI Osmo Gimbal

This is another great gift for YouTubers but may be more reserved for beginners since most experienced folks will already have something similar.

If you’re not familiar with this device, it’s a snap-in champ that works with most smartphone devices. It can stabilize videos, making the content smooth and professional. Plus, DJI is a great brand that I’ve personally had a great experience with. This option is about $99 on Amazon.

dry erase board

16. Dry erase calendar

Keeping a schedule is important for content creators, who essentially also run their own businesses. This can be especially true if they have multiple YouTube channels.

A large, dry-erase calendar is a great tool to help keep organized and looks great in most offices and work studios. This option is only about $14 on Amazon.

backdrops in various color patterns

17. Other backdrops

Although the use of green screens is probably the most common in video creation, there are several backdrop options out there. And sometimes, it can be nice to have some options.

This set that comes with 14 patterns is only about $34 on Amazon at the time of this writing. But as a disclaimer, it’s smaller than a normal video backdrop, so this gift would be better for photography support, if needed.

camera drone

18. Camera drone

A drone can be an amazing tool to capture aerial photos and videos.

As a disclaimer for this gift, some areas require permits to do drone photography and videography, and experienced professionals may already have this item in their toolkit.

Still, there are several options on the market with varying features. But this option is a good beginner drone that retails for about $55 on Amazon.

youtube sticker

19. YouTube decal

Looking for an affordable option? Maybe something to stick in a card?

It couldn’t get more simple than this YouTube decal. It’s only about $3 on Amazon and measures 6 inches by 3 inches. It’s a good-quality sticker perfect for a laptop, vehicle and more.

hard drive

20. External hard drive

Footage and videos can take up a lot of storage. An external hard drive is a very practical gift that can be perfect for just about any video professional to use for backups, archives and more.

There are several options on the market, but this 4TB portable hard drive is a solid choice that retails for about $90 on Amazon.

gopro camera

21. GoPro Hero

This is one of the pricier options. A GoPro Hero retails for nearly $350. However, it may be an option worth considering depending on the person you’re shopping for.

A GoPro is a great, small, portable device that has excellent image quality. GoPro cameras are best known for their ability to capture motion video while also being water-repellant. Depending on your YouTuber’s niche, it can be a handy tool to have.

What do you buy kids who love YouTube?

A kid who loves YouTube might be in the market for a few different gifts than the ones listed above. Let’s go over a couple of ideas.

headphones for kids

22. Headphones

These over-the-ear headphones are perfect for kids. They come in three colors and come with a volume limiter of 85-94 dB. Also, they’re soft, adjustable and foldable.

So whether your child likes watching videos on the go or in the car or just at home where they won’t bother their siblings, this can be a great gift.

It can fit children as young as three and up all the way up to teenage years. They retail for about $20 on Amazon.

camera for kids

23. Kid creator cam

This kid video camera toy is a great gift for young, aspiring video creators.

It’s available in three colors and comes with an SD card, tripod and flip-up lens. It’s recommended for children 3-12 years old and is sure to inspire some creative energy. Plus, it’s only $49 on Amazon.

like and subscribe shirt

24. Like and Subscribe shirt

This “Like and Subscribe” shirt comes in a variety of colors and sizes, including youth size.

Any fan of YouTube will know the phrase, as almost all creators end their videos with this reminder. So, it’s a fun T-shirt that retails for only $14 on Amazon.

youtube book for kids

25. Making YouTube Videos book

If you have a kid who aspires to be a YouTuber when they grow up, support them by getting this guide to making YouTube videos. It’s created with kids in mind who are hungry to create their own content.

It’s written in a language that is easy to understand and gives them tips that can likely give them skills for YouTube and beyond. It retails for $9.99 for the paperback version.

What gifts do YouTubers get?

Maybe you’re not shopping for a YouTuber friend. Maybe you’re shopping for someone whose channel you follow and admire. In this case, they probably appreciate donations and gift cards from their followers.

Remember, these creators are running their own businesses, so donations can help support them by allowing them to re-invest in their content.

Keep in mind that they probably already receive several items that are related to their niche. In fact, some creators charge businesses to send them samples because they end up with so many products.

Do you have any gift ideas to add to the list? Let me know in the comments below. And don’t forget to engage with us on social media.

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