Meet the Team

When I launched Morgan Media LLC in 2017, it was just me, working as a solo freelancer. To my delight – in just a few short years, my freelance business began to grow at such a rate that I knew I needed to expand. Today, Morgan Media LLC is a small graphic design firm that employs one full-time contractor (Alaina) and two part-time, as needed.

While the majority of my clients will only interface directly with me, this page is dedicated to the unsung heroes who make me look like a rockstar on a daily basis. Each of these individuals freelance for own respective freelance businesses AND for Morgan Media LLC. They allow me to scale quickly should any large last minute project come through, allow us to expand our client offerings and on rare occasion, even cover for me if I am not immediately available.  – Morgan Overholt


Morgan Overholt

Morgan has 15 years professional experience in graphic design and a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Her successful freelance business has been featured in articles that appeared on, Refinery29 and Business Insider Prime. She has also appeared on national television in public speaking roles. Morgan is a Tennessee native currently living in Miami, FL pursuing her dreams of constant warmth and palm trees.

Alaina O'Neal, Morgan Media LLC

Alaina O’Neal

Alaina has over a decade of design experience and has spent much of her professional career focusing on print & web media. She is certified in user experience design and digital media. She is also an award winning designer/writer with numerous TPA awards under her belt.  Alaina is a Tennessee native currently living in Hope Mills, North Carolina with her husband and friendly feline Jade.

Michael Chambers

Michael Chambers

Michael, a graduate of East Tennessee State University, has 15‭ ‬years of professional experience as an art director and illustrator‭. ‬His specialties include vector and character‭ ‬illustration and has worked with a multitude of nationally recognized video game developers‭.‬ Michael lives in Durham, North Carolina with his wife and three children.

Jon Ringger

Jon Ringger

Jon is a graduate from Indiana University and has over 15 years of professional experience as a graphic designer focusing on branding and logo design. He is an award-winning logo designer and has had a number of his logo designs published in various editions of LogoLounge®. Jon lives with his wife and four boys in Northeast Indiana.