Morgan Media Offices of Brickell, Miami

You’re paying too much for WeWork – here’s a better idea. (A comparison of Miami’s top co-working/private office spaces.)

By Morgan Overholt

Early in my career, I knew I wanted my name on the corner office one day. And sometimes when you want something in life, you just have to do it yourself.

My journey to self-employment and business ownership began with a job that I had grown to hate. One day, I decided that I just couldn’t take another day of that misery, walked away from my corporate career, and never looked back.

This time, I told myself, it would be MY TURN to be the boss. And so, relying on decades of professional experience, I launched my career as a full-time freelance graphic designer.

As my success grew, so did my need for a professional office environment. That’s when I discovered WeWork, a co-working space in Brickell, Miami. I rented a private single person office and was finally able to put my name on the door just like I had always wanted.

However, the feeling of accomplishment was fleeting, as I slowly started feeling like a sardine in my new space – which would barely even fit my desk and chair. I was growing tired of the thin glass walls, lack of privacy and outside distractions. I was paying over $760/month for what felt like a closet (and was literally smaller than my walk-in at home) and thought to myself – isn’t there a better way?

Morgan Media Offices of Brickell, Miami

As someone who never settles in life, I began wondering if it was time, once again, to take matters into my own hands.

That’s when I began the search for a commercial office suite of my very own that I could share with other like-minded freelancers, entrepreneurs and small business owners.

It didn’t take me long to find exactly what I was looking for – after just a few weeks of paperwork and gathering the funds for a small down payment, I now own a beautifully decorated private office space which is about 20x the size of my WeWork office, with room to spare – including 3 large, private and fully furnished offices and a common-use lobby.

And now, I welcome you to join me.

Stop paying more and choose to be comfortable in the space where you probably spend most of your day.

Morgan Media Office Suites, located in Brickell, features fully enclosed, fully furnished, spacious private offices. Each office has its own lock and key and can comfortably fit two people.

WeWork vs Regus

The office comes with 24/7 access to monthly renters, a lobby area for your clients, 300mb fiber internet, complimentary coffee and tea and general weekly cleaning. I am asking only $760/month with a year-long lease or $800/month with no long-term commitment. Weekly and day passes are also available.

Is it time to put your name on an office suite? Schedule a tour today and find out why you should stop paying exaggerated prices for tiny spaces.

For more information, email me at or visit and schedule a tour today!