The team at Morgan Media LLC

Morgan Overholt

Morgan Overholt


Morgan has almost 20 years professional experience in graphic design and a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Her successful freelance business has been featured in articles that have appeared on, Refinery29 and Business Insider Prime. She has also appeared on numerous podcasts. Morgan is a Tennessee native and the co-founder (alongside James Overholt and Alaina O’Neal) of, a regional travel blog.

Alaina O'Neal

Alaina O’Neal

Creative Director, Lead Designer

Tennessee native Alaina O’Neal has over a decade of design and print experience‭. ‬She is certified in user experience design and digital media‭. ‬Alaina is‭ ‬also a 4x Tennessee Press Association‭ (‬TPA‭) ‬award winner for layout and design‭.‬ Alaina is also the co-founder of, a travel blog, which receives over 3 million page views per year.

Michael Chambers

Michael Chambers

llustrator & Cartoonist

Michael has 15‭ ‬years of professional experience as an art director and illustrator‭. ‬His specialties include vector and character‭ ‬illustration and has worked with a multitude of nationally recognized video game developers‭.‬

Jon Ringger

Jon Ringger

Logo Designer & Branding Expert

Jon has over 15‭ ‬years of professional experience as a graphic designer focusing on branding and logo design‭. ‬He is an award-winning logo designer and has had a number of his designs published in various editions of LogoLounge®.

Kimberly Grayson

Virtual Assistant

Kimberly Joan Grayson has 30‭ ‬years of experience in public relations and an eagle eye for detail‭. ‬She knows how to keep back-end operations running smoothly‭, ‬and how to keep teams motivated and on track. She also works with the team at