A Content Creator’s Honest Grams28 172 Leather Camera Bag Review

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My pros and cons for the Grams28 172 Leather Camera Bag (tested and reviewed)

About a year ago I purchased a brand new DSLR Canon M50 Mark II in an effort to “step up my game” as a content creator, freelancer and blogger. But after only a couple of trips out with my new toy, I quickly realized my camera bag “game” needed to be stepped up, too.

You never think about how cumbersome it’s going to be trying to manage an expensive camera with multiple lenses until you’re out in the field trying to juggle it all without damaging any equipment.

What would ensue would be a year-long journey trying to find a camera bag that was both stylish and functional. A journey that after much trial and error, led me to Grams28.

The Grams28 172 Leather Camera Bag has an incredibly high-end look and feel. It’s made of fine Italian leather and is spacious enough to carry a full-sized DSLR camera, 1-2 lenses, an 11″ iPad Pro and other on-the-go essentials.

First impressions

For context, it is important to note that I am a lover of leather bags. I carry everything from Hermès ($3,600) to Coach ($100). I love bags of every shape and size. But I am picky when it comes to quality. While I believe that quality can be well represented at any price point. I do not believe all “luxury” brands are created equal.

For instance, I’ve never been a fan of Michael Kors. Every MK bag I’ve ever owned felt stiff and showed obvious signs of wear after only a few uses.

I also believe that fine leather should be a full sensory-driven experience. Fine leather has a unique smell. It has a unique feel. It even moves and ages in a certain way. I say all of that so that you can fully appreciate the following statement.

The leather on this Grams28 is some of the best smelling, finest quality, I’ve ever had the privilege to experience. My first impressions weren’t good, they were great.

Features and specs

The Grams28 camera bag features Italian full-grain pebbled leather that looks and smells incredible. I couldn’t help but notice the similarities in quality between these materials and the materials used in my genuine Hermès Garden Tote ($3500). When sitting side by side as pictured above, these two bags look and feel like they could, quite literally, have been cut from the same cloth.

It’s designed to carry a full-sized DSLR or SLR camera with 1-2 lenses (including whatever lens you have attached to the camera body while in transit), an 11″ iPad Pro, SD cards, camera batteries and other accessories.

It features a roomy main compartment with a removable (and customizable) padded divider, a sewn-in iPad sleeve, 2 additional inside pockets, a zippered front pocket and a slim zippered back pocket. The bag also comes with a removable strap (105cm-165cm) which can be adjusted to work with almost any body type.

The bag itself can be used as either a sling, a crossbody or a long shoulder bag. I prefer to use it primarily as a sling as I found it easier to swing the bag around from back to front, grab what I needed, and then swing it back around from front to back when I was once again on the move.

Grams28 pros and cons

Traditionally, when I review bags on this site, I try to come up with a list of pros and cons. I strive to remain objective. However, I struggled to do that with this bag. Perhaps I was just intoxicated by the smell of that full-grain pebbled Italian leather, but I found it difficult to come up with any serious cons. Regardless, I will offer my thoughts below.

PROS – This bag has all of the functionality of a traditional camera bag with all the high-end feel of a true luxury product. It features some of the finest leather I’ve ever seen in any bag, in any category. I was also shocked by its ability to comfortably stow a full-sized 11″ iPad Pro. Finally, I love its metal safety buckle that latches the front flap shut. Where traditional buckle-closure camera bags tend to pinch my skin, this one simply clicks open and shut with a gentle squeeze. Finally, despite being marketed primarily as a “men’s” bag, as a fairly petite woman, I loved the look and feel.

CONS – In reality, there are no cons with this bag. I will say that if you’re the kind of person who likes a top handle, this bag is noticeably lacking in that department. And while that is a “pro” for me as I find top handles to be redundant and unappealing, visually, I realize that could be a “con” for others. But the good news is, while this particular bag is lacking in that department, Grams28 does sell other camera slings with top handles available, like the 133 Essential Case Max.

Closing thoughts, prices and where to buy

Overall, I highly recommend this camera bag. I’m genuinely blown away. If you appreciate fine-quality leather goods and incredible craftsmanship, this is the camera bag for you.

At the time of this writing, the Grams28 172 Camera Sling retails for $459 on the Grams28 website. It is not available on Amazon.

Do you own a Grams28 bag? Let me know what YOU think in the comments below.

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