A Freelancer and Travel Blogger Reviews the Bostanten Judea Travel Bag

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My pros and cons for the Bostanten Judea PU Leather Travel Duffle Bag (tested and reviewed)

As a busy freelancer and travel blogger I am constantly on the go. And I am always on the lookout for stylish, functional travel bags. After posting a recent review of this leather laptop backpack from the luxury brand Bostanten, the brand reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing some of their other products. And of course, being one of their newest fans, I was happy to oblige.

In full transparency, I did not receive payment to write this review. But I was provided with a free product to sample. However, I will be fair and honest, as always, and provide a comprehensive list of pros and cons. Note: Prices mentioned in this article are as of the time of this writing.

The Bostanten Judea Travel Bag has a high-end look with high-end features like quality materials and engraved hardware. Despite its lack of a laptop compartment, I would overall highly recommend this bag.

beis vs bostanten

Bostanten vs Beis

The Judea Leather Travel Duffle Bag is a weekender-style travel bag designed to double as either a carry-on or a large personal item. My initial thoughts were that it closely resembles the popular Beis Mini Weekender ($98), which I also own.

While I don’t want to make this entire article Beis vs Bostanten, given the similarity of the two brands I think it might be helpful to briefly compare the two, just as I organically did upon receiving my Bostanten.

My Beis Mini Weekender has been my go-to travel bag/personal item for quite some time now. So much so that I had been considering upgrading to the Beis Premium Weekender ($348). But I hadn’t been able to convince myself to dish out over $300 for a pleather bag. So the opportunity to take the Bostanten travel bag ($149) for a spin came just in the knick of time.

Commonalities include: Both are designed to work as a personal item on a flight, and both can easily accommodate 2-3 days’ worth of clothes, makeup and accessories. Both feature a luggage trolley with a zipper pouch. Also, both come with two straps (long straps are adjustable) with a zippered bottom compartment.

Differences include: Each features different materials (Beis’s canvas vs Bostanten’s PU leather). Beis’s zippered bottom is designed to zip off and detach and Bostaten’s does not. Finally, Beis’s bag includes a laptop sleeve and pouch on the inside of the bag.

If you’re wondering whether or not I prefer the Beis or the Bostanten, I want to save that conclusion for the end of the article.

Beis Mini WeekenderBostanten Travel Duffle
MaterialPoly Canvas/Vegan LeatherPU Leather
Size16″ x 15.7 “x 8”17.72″ x 8.66″ x 12″
Weight3.4 lbs2.78 lbs
Personal Item SizeYesYes
Two StrapsYesYes
Zippered BottomYesYes
Removable BottomYesNo
Trolley SleeveYesYes
Laptop PouchYesNo

Features and specs

Now let’s take a closer look at the features and specs for the Bostanten Judea Leather Travel Duffle. This particular bag measures 17.72″ x 8.66″ x 12″ weighing just 2.78 lbs (which qualifies as a personal item on most major airlines). It’s slightly smaller and lighter than its previously mentioned Beis brand counterpart.

The interior features one main compartment, one inner zipper pocket, two inner open pockets, and two pen slots. There is also an exterior zipper pocket, located on the trolley sleeve, and a zippable bottom compartment which can be used for dirty clothes or shoes. I tend to use these bottom zipper compartments for makeup and hair products as I like to keep my heavier items at the bottom of a travel bag.

I will note that the bottom section of the bag is less spacious than the Beis version. If you are considering packing some shoes in this compartment, you’d easily be able to stow some flats or sandals. But you might struggle with large tennis shoes – especially if you wear a bigger size like I do (9-10).

This bag also comes with two sets of straps – one long adjustable shoulder strap (35.43″-44.88″ drop) and a handle (5.91″ drop). The shoulder strap even has an extra bit of padding at the top to make the bag more comfortable on your shoulder when carrying a heavy load. I opted to upgrade my bag (optional) and added a third woven strap ($16.99) just to give the bag a unique look.

Bostanten pros and cons

Now for the fun part – the pros and cons. As someone who travels often, I have some strong opinions about this bag.

PROS – The biggest pro is the look. This bag just looks super high-end. Honestly, it makes my Beis mini weekender seem cheap when looking at these two bags side by side. I was also surprised to learn it was constructed with PU leather as it honestly looks and feels real. I also love that it counts as a personal item. Between this bag and my carry-on roller, I was easily able to pack for a 4-day trip without needing to check a bag (and I am NOT a light packer). Finally, I love the default straps. They are just plush and comfortable. More so than any other bag of this size I’ve carried.

CONS – The biggest con is the lack of a laptop sleeve and dedicated compartment. Because Bostanten is known for its incredible line-up of laptop bags I assumed this Weekender would offer the same accommodation yet, it was notably absent. When trying to squeeze my laptop into this bag along with my clothes I just couldn’t make it work. I ultimately ended up putting my laptop in my roller.

Closing thoughts, prices and where to buy

Overall, I highly recommend this bag unless you’re specifically needing something that can easily accommodate a laptop. It’s reasonably priced – especially compared to its Premium Beis Counterpart (for almost $200 more). Plus, it looks and feels like genuine leather.

Going forward when I travel, on trips where I don’t need to carry my laptop in my personal item, I am going to be defaulting to my Bostanten.

At the time of this writing, women’s Bostanten travel bags range between $49-$199. Mine retailed for $149 but you can occasionally catch it on sale for $129-139. The Bostanten brand is available on Amazon, however, a better selection (and often better sales (like 10-15% off) can be found by shopping directly from the Bostanten website.

Do you own a Bostanten bag? Let me know what YOU think in the comments below.

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