Freelance Graphic Design Rates: A Simple Price List (2024)

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This is how to set your freelance graphic design rates, according to the Graphic Artists Guild

I’ve been a freelance graphic designer for over 20 years. One of the most frequently asked questions I receive from new freelancers is: How much do freelance professional graphic designers charge? After all, knowing what to charge if you’re a designer can be a tricky subject. While a freelancer’s rates are often subjective, the Graphic Artists Guild Handbook offers helpful guidance on the topic of freelance graphic design rates for those who need help getting started.

On average, experienced graphic designers charge between $65-$125 per hour for general design projects. However, rates may vary based on the type of project and the experience of the freelancer.

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Graphic design rates for hourly and project-based pricing

In the latest edition of “Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines“, the Guild offers a suggested range for design rates. These ranges are based on a variety of factors including the size of the client’s firm, the experience level or expertise of the designer, your role in the project, the complexity and the type of work involved.* Below, I will offer an abbreviated summary of those suggestions. Beginners should consider rates at the lower end of these ranges. Experts should consider the upper limits.

Project-Based Rates Pricing Guide

Project TypeFlat-Rate
Logo Design$1,250-$50,000
Web Design$2,000-$50,000
Banners/Social Media Graphics$75-$1500
Print Ads$75-$4500
Digital Billboards$100-$3,000
Print Billboards$200-$4,000
Direct Mail Package$500-$7,000
Press/Media Kit$500-$4,500
Product/Service Catalog$500-$15,000
Brochure (6-panel)$125-$5,000
Brochure (8 pg)$200-$6,500
Brochure (16 pg)$480-$9400
Book Cover/Flyer (1 concept)$100-$2500
Interior Book Design (per pg)$2-$25
Infographic Design$50-$150+
SRC: Graphic Artists Guild Handbook, 16th Edition. *The above numbers represent only a snapshot of some of the most popular project types. For additional insights and breakdowns, I suggest picking up a copy of the Handbook.

Hourly Rate Pricing Guide

Project TypeHourly Rate
Graphic Design (general)$65-$125
Web Design$65-$250
Digital/Web Banner Ads$30-$150
Print Ads$30-$150
Digital Billboards$30-$150
Print Billboards$30-$150
Direct Mail Package$30-$150
Press/Media Kit$30-$150
Product/Service Catalog$30-$150
Brochure (6-panel)$30-$150
Brochure (8 pg)$30-$150
Brochure (16 pg)$30-$150
Book Cover/Flyer (1 concept)$30-$150
Interior Book Design (per pg)$50-$100
Infographic Design$50-$150
Exhibit Design$75-$150
Photo Retouching$40-$125
Package Design$50-$170
SRC: Graphic Artists Guild Handbook, 16th Edition. *The above numbers represent only a snapshot of some of the most popular project types. For additional insights and breakdowns, I suggest picking up a copy of the Handbook.
the graphic artists guild handbook
The Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing and Ethical Guidelines is like a bible for graphic design freelancers. It features detailed rate sheets, marketing tips and even client communication templates for things like late payments.

Guidance on Deposits

The Graphic Artists Guild also suggests collecting a 25-50% deposit at the start of your project engagement. I usually opt for the 50% with my clients. The deposit should be based on the project quote which should include an overall estimate of the work plus any fees or expenses you expect to incur. For ongoing work and retainers, I collect a 50% deposit on the estimated initial billing. When quoting graphic design projects, I also like to factor in a certain percentage of my general business expenses as well, like health insurance, and freelance accounting/bookkeeping for instance.

Guidance on Revisions

Designers should always anticipate revisions. The Graphic Artists Guild suggests an additional charge of 100-150% fee on top of the initial cost if revisions are not otherwise included or outlined in the initial contract. I prefer to include 2-3 rounds of revisions in my initial project estimates and switch to hourly billing if additional edits are needed.

Rush Fees and Holidays

Graphic designers should also have a rush fee in place for quick turnarounds (24-48 hours), holiday work and weekend work. The Guild suggests an additional fee between 20-100% depending on the type of project.

Cancellations & Terminations

Finally, designers should also include a cancellation or termination fee in every contract. The Guild suggests the following:

  • Before the completion of the concept phrase: 25-50%
  • After completion of preliminary work: 50-75%
  • After the finished work is complete: 70-100%

If you found this article helpful, I strongly recommend picking up a copy of the handbook referenced throughout this article. It has been a game changer for my business. I hope it does the same for you.

How do you determine your rates? Did you find this guide helpful? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to connect with me on social media using the links below!

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  1. Hi, amazing blog. I have some questions if you don’t mind

    1. I understand that he rates now. However, I feel, my profile on Upwork is not strong enough to charge even 30$ an hour. Clients happily pay may 15$/h but at 30$ it’s mostly never possible.

    2. I find my main issue to be, I never have enough clients to fill up my whole schedule. I am mostly free and working only maybe 8-12 hours a week.


  2. Hey Hassan! I would have to have more information to really offer advice. But I can tell you that the sky is the limit as far as your earning potential is concerned. It sounds like you may just need to learn how to market yourself to a new audience.

  3. Freelance Graphic Designers may charge between $30-$200 per hour depending on their level of experience and area of expertise. I am Freelance Motion Graphics Designer with exposure in Art Direction, Graphic Design, Compositing, and Video Editing. I have worked extensively across both the advertising and broadcast industries, creating engaging content.

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  5. Need help. Got my first major Freelance Graphic job. How much should I bill them for the services they are asking for.
    They need a 11×17 graphic for print
    6x 4.25 event badges with 7 separate titles
    22×28 Aframe Poster
    4 foot x 10 foot horizontal banner
    They also want me to communicate and handle the printing with an option for me to handle print payment and get reimbursed or send them the billing directly.

  6. Your article is creative and different from most others that I have seen. You mention printing rates in graphic design as well, which makes it more interesting to read because there’s always room for discussion about what goes into producing great-looking prints or posters!
    I’m not sure if this was intentional but mentioning “graphic” alongside the word ‘design’ at least twice within your text (once internally) creates an idea of creativity involved – something many would-be designers forget when they first start out on their own paths today due largely thanks mainly IMO.

  7. Thank you, Morgan! This article is hugely helpful to me. I admire your very straight-forward and practical approach and you have given me some great tips. All the best! Susan

  8. I have been freelancing for over 10 years and have always had trouble determining how much to raise my rate. Not to mention feeling like I didn’t “deserve” it. Thank you so much for breaking it down so clearly, this is the best calculation I’ve ever come across and now I feel so much more confident knowing how much I’m worth! I’ve totally been undercharging some of my older clients, but that will change now 🙂 Thank you Morgan!

  9. Thank you Morgan! So good to have other women freelancers out there telling their stories and helping out the rest of us! Looking to do a major price raise to get myself in line with the industry and reflect my experience and of course am having major imposter syndrome! This article helped SO MUCH ❤️

  10. Thanks for the article, I enjoyed your thinking.
    Whenever I’m asked by peers about my rate I have two responses – it’s the highest rate I can say with a straight face and if I don’t get turned down because of my price in a year then I’m not charging enough.

  11. This is a great reference for cost/hour or by project. What you would suggest or charge for a client who needs help facilitating printing their materials, but is providing a pre-designed file?

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